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Monday, December 19, 2011

Mere ghar ana zindagi

Mere ghar ana zindagi- A distinct voice that singles him out of the other singers.  This song is a combination of two less talked artists- brilliant musician Jaidev and soulful  singer Bhupinder. But those who know their work know that both of them have their own niche in music world. Here Anuradha paudwal is her best with Bhupen.  Age less song, lovely lyrics by Sudashan fakir other less known shayer.

I love the line- Maein Saanson Ki Raftaar Se Jaan Lungi , Havaaon Ki Khushboo Se Pehchaan Lungi.

 Generally best love songs are solo but this duet proves otherwise.

Zindagi Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Aana Zindagi
Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Aana Zindagi
Zindagi O Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Aana
Mere Ghar Aana Zindagi  Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana Aana Zindagi

Mere Ghar Ka Seedha Sa Itna Pataa Hai  Ye Ghar Jo Hai Chaaron Taraf Se Khula Hai
Na Dastak Zaruri, Na Aavaz Dena  Mere Ghar Ka Darvaaza Koi Nahin Hai
Hain Deevaren Gum Aur Chhat Bhi Nahin Hai
Badhi Dhoop Hai Dost
Kadhi Dhoop Hai Dost
Tere Aanchal Ka Saaya Churake Jeena Hai Jeena
Jeena Zindagi, Zindagi
O Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana
Aana Zindagi Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana
Mere Ghar Ka Seedha Sa Itna Pataa Hai  Mere Ghar Ke Aage Mohabbat Likha Hai
Na Dastak Zaruri, Na Aavaz Dena  
Maein Saanson Ki Raftaar Se Jaan Lungi  Havaaon Ki Khushboo Se Pehchaan Lungi
Tera Phool Hoon Dost
Teri Bhool Hoon Dost
Tere Haathon Mein Chehra Chhupa Ke Jeena Hai Jeena
Jeena Zindagi, Zindagi
O Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana
Aana Zindagi Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana

Monday, December 5, 2011

Dev Anand -A Romance with life

people remembering Dev Anand  in different ways, by different songs,  by different aspects of his life.The most prevalent  line to define him is-" main har fikar ko dhunwain main udarata  chala gaya."
But i remember him as a lover who could not find his love in spite of being damn smart, rich and famous.
This shows; you can not get everything you desire and some times even  what you desire the most. He could not marry his love Surraiya.
 He can best be remembered for his role as Raju guide in Hindi  classic- GUIDE.
There are many good  songs for which he can be remembered .
my favorite one is- Tu kahan ye bata is nashilee raat main......tooooooooooooooooooo much ,
 His style and Rafi Sahib`s voice , the misty atmosphere.- Dev Anand in a truly romantic mood.
I like  his spirit and  life long Romance with his own life.
RIP! Dev Sahib.

Here is Hindi song with English translation.
Tu Kahaan, Ye Bataa, Iss Nasheelee Raat Mein
Where are you lost, tell me, in this intoxicating night.
Maaney Na Mera Dil Deewaana
My passionate heart will not listen to reason.
Haay Re, Maaney Na Mera Dil Deewaana
Oh my passionate heart will not know peace
Hey, Bada Natkhat Hai Sama
see, the mischievous surroundings.
Har Nazaara Hai Jawaan
Beautiful sights everywhere.
Chha Gaya Chaaron Taraf, Meri Aahon Ka Dhuaan
Everything is enveloped in all directions in the clouds of my sighs.
Dil Mera, Meri Jaan, Na Jalaa Tu Kahaan...
Spare my heart, my Love, don`t make it miserable, where are you?
Ho, Aai Jab Thandi Hawa
Oh, when the cold breeze blew.
Maine Poochha Jo Pata
When I asked for your whereabouts.
Vo Bhi Katrake Gai, Aur Bechain Kiya
The breeze slipped past me, agitated me even more.
Pyar Se, Tu Mujhe, De Sada Tu Kahaan...
Lovingly, call out to me, where are you.
Hey, Chand Taaron Ne Suna
The moon and the stars heard it

In Bahaaron Ne Suna
These pleasant spring times heard me
Dard Ka Raag Mera, Rehguzaron Ne Suna
My cry of pain, the busy pathways heard it
Tu Bhi Soon, Jaaneman, Aa Bhi Jaa Tu Kahaan...
You too hear it, my life, it's about time you came, where are you?
Ho, Pyaar Ka Dekho Asar
Oh, see the power of love
Aaye Tum Thaame Jigar
You came, with eagerness of love
Mil Gayi Aaj Mujhe, Meri Manchahi Dagar
I have found today, the path I was seeking
Kyun Chhupa, Ek Jhalak, Phir Dikha Tu Kahaan...
Why hide, give me a glimpse, once again, where are you?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tribute to Jagjit Singh

     The ghazal  is a genre that  just looks like a fossilized after the death of Jagjit Singh. jagjit singh made ghazal so fashionable that people who wanted to show that they are emotional, intelligent  and serious listener , possessed altleast few ghazal cassettes in their stacks. With the arrival of the  internet age; those substantial  intelligent people shifted to western music because of ease and availability. This is not a bad sign, people got alternatives and exposure to world music, those who were true  Ghazal listeners are still there with Ghazals, and those who choose any thing including music just to show off that how intelligent they are, got some new  world music heroes to praise. I do not say that only Indian music is best and western music is just  a shor-saraba as some people say,who do not understand western music.Every language, region, country has good music and bad music and  Real music lovers know the difference.

         But when elegant genre such as Ghazal looked at like genre of the past by most of the young genreration , it feels bad. Still ghazal has better fate than another genre, Kawwali, I bet if anybody be given a chance to listen old ustads of  kawwali, one would  feel thrilled to hear its charm.
It is tragic to see fall of charm of ghazal that Jagjit has to shift to bhakti Sangeet for continuing. It was loss of Ghazal  but gain of bhakti sangeet , it got a new dimension.
But  I hope musical blood people would always appreciate  ghazal and it would revive.
I am not his big fan but appreciate him for contribution   to alternative music.
I  like many ghazals   by him but very often I just listen GHALIB by him.
and particurly-
Sab kahan kuchh lala-o-gul mein numaayan ho gayee,
khaak miein kya suratein hongi, ke pinhan ho gayi.
Ranz se khugar hua insaan tou mit jata hai ranz,
 muskilain mujhpar  pari itni ki assan ho gayi.
Yun hi  gar rota raha Ghalib tou ye ahle- jahan
 dekhna in bastion ko tum , ke viraan ho gayi.

 It suit to his personal life too, who lost young son and daughter.
 MUSICAL BLOOD PEOPLE Salute you Jagjiit Singh. – RIP
AnMoL Vachan:
Ghazal listening declined because of two reasons, it needs time to contemplate, and at least some peaceful atmosphere both are lacking in today`s fast life.  One of my sakhi (female friend) an ardent fan of Jagjit Singh says the best way of listening Ghazal-Listen in low volume, in the silence of the night.  And her favorite Ghazal by Jagjit  is -hosh walon ko khabar kya bekhudi  kya......

Friday, September 23, 2011

Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish

This  is 75th  post on Musical Blood People. Platinum Jubilee post.
So it must be special. I have  worked for almost two hours for this post, while listening this song in loop.

Some songs are loved by specific people and rejected by others but rare are the songs which show real mass appeal. Undoubtedly the song from movie Gulami-zihaal-e-miskeen mukon ba-ranjish bahaal-e-hijra bechara dil hai” comes under this category.

 I think this kind of music is never made by anybody but point of time that converges different artists into this kind of creativity. Each and every person involved in this song  deserves appreciation, starting from Gulzar for fine lyrics, LP for  creating music of mass appeal, Lata for giving folk and classic touch, even I cannot imagine that  anybody can replace Sabbir Kumar. I even like its picturization; I like the rustic village Rajasthanilooks of both Mithun and Anita raj, the locations director J P Dutta had chosen. Even I like the bus and its motion in the kacha road in the movie.
See, how love survives even in crowd, it happens only in INDIA.

This song is loved by many, but unfortunately not understood well. As Gulzar sahib used too much symbolicals in the lyrics and people mostly get lost in the literal meaning of the song.
I will try to show the real meaning beyond the words, hopefully you people would enjoy it more.

Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish,
bahaal-e-hijra bechaaraa dil hai

The opening stanza has been taken from an old poetry by
 Amir Khusrau
Which was a poem having  Persian couplet followed by Brajbhasha couplets.
Here Gulzar modified it slightly by adding Urdu words. Rest of the song in Hindi Urdu mix is entirely a creation of Gulzar.
Here it is important to note that the entire song is not a single event. But each stanza describes emotions different in time, location and situation.  Only thing that relates all things (time, location and situation) is HEART OF THE LOVER filled with Pain.
Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish,
bahaal-e-hijra bechaaraa dil hai
I am already in a miserable condition, suffering intense Pain (like a fresh wound) of separation from my beloved.
Oh man!  do not look me with hostility.
(Here, painful lover is urging to the people around who see him with hate)
sunaai deti hai jisaki dharkan
tumhaaraa dil ya hamaaraa dil hai
I wonder, this heart beat which I am listening is mine or yours?
(Here, lover is talking to self and saying, I feel you so close that I am unable to distinguish my heart from yours)

woh aake pehlu  mein aisey baithey
ke shaam rangeen ho gayi hai
zara zara si khili tabiyat
zara si gamgeen ho gayi hai
He came and sat so lovingly besides me
that the evening has become lively.
It’s a strange feeling that is making me little bit  joyful and sorrowful simultaneously.

ajeeb hai dil ke dard yaaron
na ho to mushkil hai jeena iska
jo ho to har dard ek heeraa
har ek gam hai nageena iska

O friend! The desires of the heart are strange (as it seeks pain)
It does not feel its existence without pain,
And on getting Pain, heart preserves them as precious gems.
 (Here, lover feels, heart without pain is like treasure chamber without gems)
kabhi kabhi shaam aisi dhalti hai
ke jaise ghunghat utar rahi hai
tumhaare seene se uthta dhuaan
hamare dil se guzar raha hai
Sometimes the evening sets
As if it is going to offer something charming.
(Symbolical- as if some beautiful girl is putting her veil slowly and revealing beauty)
And  your strong desire for me is reaching to my heart very intensely.

ye sharm hai ya haya hai kya hai?
nazar uthate hi jhuk gayi hai
tumhari palkon se girke shabnam
hamari aankhon mein ruk gayi hai

Here, lover asking to her lovely lady
What is this? You just stared at me and closed your eyes.
She answers
It’s because I can’t behold your sharp gaze for a long but I have just captured your gaze in my closed eyes.

Persian & Urdu words meaning
zihaal = notice
miskeen = poor
mukon = do not
ba-ranjish = with ill will, with enimity
bahaal = condition
hijra = separation

AnMoL VaChaN- ponder on - Ajib hain iss dil ke dard yaaro.

Monday, September 19, 2011

FANS- without electricity.

Sharp peaks fall sharply, this is true for fame. If someone gets fame slowly it endures longer but sudden high fame goes sudden without trace. Sudden fame is like riding a lift; you have only two places to rest your peak destination and  the ground floor. But if you go slowly by stairs you can rest in between going up or down the stairs.
Public memory is poor; they forget their HERO as soon as the media stops reminding them about the hero.
Himesh Reshamia was most talked music director five years back. He got so much public attention that he even became actor and did a hit movie.  Now if you ask people to name ten music directors in bollywood I do not think people would list him.
He gave own kind of music- a different flavor.
The fans about whom a HERO feels proud are mostly fans without electricity. They are fans which blow by the wind (wind of fame) and when wind blows in some other’s side; they change the direction too.
These fans made Britney Spear to take a council of re-habilitation centre.
But real die-hard fans are few; they are like fans with electricity always blowing for their HERO.  
 Now come to the point - i mean song for today.

.dil ne ye na jaana....  from movie RED sung by Himesh himself and melodious Sufi Singer Harshdeep kaur.
This song ; if not one of his best  atleast can be sorted out as odd and brilliant piece of music.
The music goes as if the fallen dry leaf moves on slow moving brook.

Listen this song in quiet moments, forget the words just heed to music., so light and so rhythmic. Hats off u! Himesh.
teri ummid, teri baatein
woh lamha lamha katati tere naam se raatein

dard se yuun mulaakaat hogi - 2
dil ne ye na jaana
nazdikiyon mein duriyon ki baat hogi
dil ne ye na jaana, (na jaana - 8)

teri yaadon ke ghane saayein
ye kaise manjar par mujhko hain lekar aayein
iss tarah ashq ki barsaat hogi
dil ne ye na jaana, (na jaana - 8)

teri ummid, teri baatein
woh lamha lamha katati tere naam se raatein
iss tarah bechaingi mere saath hogi
dil ne ye na jaana, (na jaana - 8)
dard se yuun mulaakaat hogi - 2
dil ne ye na jaana, (na jaana - 8)
na jaana - 4

AnMol Vachan: don not get the impression that I am Himesh FAN, no! no!. I appreciate many singers but fan of none. I am diehard fan of one and only BRUCE LEE. Jackie Chan, Jet Lee and Fat may jump higher, kick better, move faster but NO one can be like Bruce Lee of the “Enter the DRAGON”.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Especially blessed are those who have love in thier  hearts. Love has one  peculiar element- longing.
 when one has love in heart and there is none to share one longes for the partner.
This song - koi nahi hai phir bhi hai mujhko kya jane kis ka intezar-  by lata
tells the situation of the young gal filled with love in heart, longing for a partner.
Simple Laxmi Pyaremusic, majrooh’ s poetic simplicity.
 Enjoy it with sweet Lata ,magical himalayas red Apples
 of courselast but not least  wahedaa with Adaa.

Koi nahi hain fir bhi hain mujhko, kya jane kis  ka intezar

Ye bhi na janoo, laharake anchal kis ko bulaye bar bar

Sochoon  ye hai ungaliyan kis ke pyar ki
Galon ko chhuye jo daali bahar ki
Kaun hain aye hawa, aye bahaar

Pani mein chhabi main dekhoon khadi khadi
Baalon mein saja ke kaliyan badi badi
Fir banoo ap hi bekarar 

Wadi mein nishan mere hi panw ke
Foolon pe hain rang meri hi chhanw ke
Fir bhi kyon aye na ayetabar

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Musicology- Shadow Bollywood.

Unlike any other country; what we call Indian music is dominated by film industry be it north India or south India.  The most popular singers are playback singers. I wish someday Indian music would come out of the shadow of the bollywood, tollywood etc.
Why I wish so?
Because, the film industry uses music just to spice up the story. It has fixed formats of emotions. The lyricist writes on demand of the story.  We can guess the kind of the songs in a movie with rare exceptions.  Love song, sad song, happy song, marriage song, party song etc.  Film industry rarely uses other than popular genre. It uses some folk songs distorted in bollywood istyle.  If we could really see the diverse cultures and diverse singing styles of India, it’s a sad situation that many singing styles have died and continuously dyeing because of lack of patronage.
I do not know why, we people do not accept independent singers as we lovingly embrace the filmy songs. Perhaps we are obsessed with the film stars and we give more credit to the actors than the actual singers. All this is causing lack of songs related to our day to day life, no social singing, not a song related to social issues.
We have no songs related to -corruption, honor killings, female foeticide, price rise, women issues, environment issues,children issues, against riots, against terrorism etc.
Where are genres like jazz, reggae, rap, hip- hop etc. with independent prominent artists?
 We have classical music, bhangra songs in Punjabi, Ghazals, bhajans and bolly wood music. But music sales tell the story; we have only two genres that take more than 95%.
Filmy music (~ 70%) and bhajans(~25%). Rests of the genres come under 5%.
 Two artists prominently survived out of the shadow of the bollywood are Jagjit Singh with his Ghazals and Daler Mehndi with his Dhol beats. Sonu Nigam tried well but gained not much.

Indian music listeners! Please wake up.

So the music industry could.

AnMoL  VaChAn :   Mora sainya tou khoob hi kamaat hai , MAHANGAI  DAYAN khaye jaat hai.
The song on the issue of mahangai (Price rise) touched the public heart, because it affects their daily life.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anna and Gandhi

 Anna Hazare 's movement against corruption reminds me , one old song from the movie -NAMAK HARAM.
 main shayar badnam- that showed a poor man's emotions who was  on death bed,
a shyar who was  fighting with disease , lack of treatment and utter poverty.
 A common man lving in a poor basti who was  living a miserable life caused by greedy corrupt system.
sholon pe chalna tha  kaanton pe sona tha
aur abhi ji bhar ke kismat pe rona tha
jane aise kitne aise baaki chhod ke kaam  main chala...  The words show nadir of his hopelessness from the system.

Gandhi ji said “There is enough on earth for everybody's need, but not for everyone's greed.” ".
Jan lokpal  bill would become  a treatment  for the disease of corruption but
 at root level GREED is a thing to be eliminated/ minimised from human character, if we really wish to eradicate corruption.

The heart piercing voice of kishore  is here , please give a serious ear.….

Main Shayar Badnaam, Main Shayar Badnaam Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala,
Mehfil Se Nakaam, Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala, Main Shayar Badnaam

Mere Ghar Se Tumko, Kuchh Saman  Milega, Diwane Shayar Ka, Ek Diwan Milega,
Aur Ek Cheeze Milegi, Tuta Khali Jaam, Ho O Main Chala Main Chala
Main Shayar Badnaam

Sholo Pe Chalna Tha, Kanton Pe Sona Tha, Aur Abhi Jee Bhar Ke Kismat Pe Rona Tha,
Jane Aise Kitne, Bakki Chhod Ke Kaam, Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala
Main Shayar Badnaam

Rasta Rok Rahi Hai, Thodi Jaan Hai Baki, Jane Tute Dil Mein, Kya Arman Hai Baki,
Jane Bhi De Ae Dil, Sabko Mera Salam, Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala
Main Shayar Badnaam, Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala
Mehfil Se Nakaam, Ho O Main Chala, Main Chala

AnMoL VaChAn

Bura Jo Dekhan Main Chala, Bura Naa Milya Koye JoMunn Khoja Apnaa, To Mujhse Bura Naa Koye.-
I searched for the crooked, met not a single one
When searched myself, "I" found the crooked one
                                                                                          Sant kabir ji