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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

mausam badale na badale nasib

         The news about killing of 75 CRPF personnel by maoists dipressed me badly. some  people may be  in anger against maoist but my feeling is only a deep pain. Any mass killing evokes the same pain but i dont know why this time the pain is something differrent and more deep. i mourn their death and pray , God may give sterngth to their families to bear the pain. ,

           No snesible person can justify killing by maoists but this episode has different angle too - it involves   deprived people , so aplying  force against them is not the only solution . we people living in comfortable zone never realize ,still in remotes of the country people struggle for their basic needs. someone has rightly pointed out that our developmental model is  "exploitive"

This reminded me the song which i heard in childhood and i felt like some one had torn my heart with a dagger.

ek ritu aaye ek ritu jaaye
mausam badale na badale nasib

it is bitter truth even  after 60+ years  of independence ,in  some remote corners of the country

mausam kai  badale  par na badale naseeb  .

this song is painful , please bear with me.

huun huun
ek ritu aaye ek ritu jaaye
mausam badale na badale nasib
kaun jatan karuun kaun upaay
ek ritu aaye...

tak- tak suukhe patte aankhein taras gayin
baadal to na barase aankhein baras gayin
baras baras dukh badhata jaaye
ek ritu aaye...

ho ho
pyaasi banjar dharati kisaka pet bhare o
bhukhe pyaase bachche kheti kaun kare
maan ki mamata nir bahaaye
ek ritu aaye...

pyaar na karana nafarat karana sikh liya
sab logon ne ladana marana sikh liya
inako jina kaun sikhaaye
ek ritu aaye...