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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tribute to Jagjit Singh

     The ghazal  is a genre that  just looks like a fossilized after the death of Jagjit Singh. jagjit singh made ghazal so fashionable that people who wanted to show that they are emotional, intelligent  and serious listener , possessed altleast few ghazal cassettes in their stacks. With the arrival of the  internet age; those substantial  intelligent people shifted to western music because of ease and availability. This is not a bad sign, people got alternatives and exposure to world music, those who were true  Ghazal listeners are still there with Ghazals, and those who choose any thing including music just to show off that how intelligent they are, got some new  world music heroes to praise. I do not say that only Indian music is best and western music is just  a shor-saraba as some people say,who do not understand western music.Every language, region, country has good music and bad music and  Real music lovers know the difference.

         But when elegant genre such as Ghazal looked at like genre of the past by most of the young genreration , it feels bad. Still ghazal has better fate than another genre, Kawwali, I bet if anybody be given a chance to listen old ustads of  kawwali, one would  feel thrilled to hear its charm.
It is tragic to see fall of charm of ghazal that Jagjit has to shift to bhakti Sangeet for continuing. It was loss of Ghazal  but gain of bhakti sangeet , it got a new dimension.
But  I hope musical blood people would always appreciate  ghazal and it would revive.
I am not his big fan but appreciate him for contribution   to alternative music.
I  like many ghazals   by him but very often I just listen GHALIB by him.
and particurly-
Sab kahan kuchh lala-o-gul mein numaayan ho gayee,
khaak miein kya suratein hongi, ke pinhan ho gayi.
Ranz se khugar hua insaan tou mit jata hai ranz,
 muskilain mujhpar  pari itni ki assan ho gayi.
Yun hi  gar rota raha Ghalib tou ye ahle- jahan
 dekhna in bastion ko tum , ke viraan ho gayi.

 It suit to his personal life too, who lost young son and daughter.
 MUSICAL BLOOD PEOPLE Salute you Jagjiit Singh. – RIP
AnMoL Vachan:
Ghazal listening declined because of two reasons, it needs time to contemplate, and at least some peaceful atmosphere both are lacking in today`s fast life.  One of my sakhi (female friend) an ardent fan of Jagjit Singh says the best way of listening Ghazal-Listen in low volume, in the silence of the night.  And her favorite Ghazal by Jagjit  is -hosh walon ko khabar kya bekhudi  kya......