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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hamesha tumko chaha

All Quality people have one thing common they pick quality people. And it is also important how to pick quality people.
Sanjay Leela Bhanshali played safe with choosing most popular and branded faces for his movie- Aishwarya, Shahrukh, and Madhuri. On the other hand Bhanshali picked comparatively not so popular but quality people. They together made the movie really classic. DEvdas is one of the costliest movie of the time  which is a hard work of hundreds of unknown people.Out of those, two people worth mentioning here are - Musician -Ismail Darbar and Lyricist-Nusrat Badr. What these people remind us - quality shines and endures time. There are many musicians who has given music in hundreds of  movies but his music in  two movies( hum dil de chuke sanam and Devdas)outweighs thier hunderds. Same we can say about this little known lyricist. They provided those big stars an  atmosphere that made their expression- the best.

Hamesha tumko chaaha aur chaaha kuch bhi nahin(always loved you , still feel, i have  not loved you suffciently.)
The words are matchless. It difficult to coin these type of poetic lines.
 Background chorus singers are praiseworthy, kavita krishnamurthy soulful. Udit  Narayan is good, after a long some musician  has used Shahnai very well. It gives last emotional punch in the ending of the song alongwith hun guna hun guna hun guna, hun guna and chaha chaha chaha chaha....  that causes slight ache in heart,
 All character in the song are at their best. It never happend that this song paased without  filling tears in my eyes.

My favorite line is- Jo daag tumne mujhko diya...

Aayi, khushi ki hai yeh raat aayi
Sajdhajke baaraat hai aayi
Dheere dheere gham ka saagar
Tham gaya aankhon mein aakar
Goonj uthi hai jo shehnaai
Tou aankhon ne yeh baat bataayi
Hamesha tumko chaaha aur chaaha
Aur chaaha chaaha chaaha
Hamesha tumko chaaha aur chaaha kuch bhi nahin
Tumhe dil ne hai pooja, pooja, pooja
Aur pooja kuch bhi nahin
Na na nahin, na na nahin nahin nahin nahin nahin
Kuchh bhi nahin, ho kuchh bhi nahin
Oh, kuchh bhi nahin

Khushiyon mein bhi chhaayi udaasi
Dard ki chhaaya mein voh lipti
Kehne piya se bas yeh aayi - 2
Jo daag tumne mujhko diya
Us daag se mera chehra khila
Rakhoongi main isko nishaani banaakar
Maathe pe isko hamesha sajaakar
O preetam, o preetam bin tere mere is jeevan mein
Kuch bhi nahin, nahin, nahin, nahin, nahin
Kuch bhi nahin

Beete lamhon ki yaadein lekar
Bojhal kadmon se voh chalkar
Dil bhi roya aur aankh bhar aayi
Mann se ye aawaaz hai aayi
Voh bachpan ki yaadein
Voh rishte voh naate voh saawan ke jhooley
Voh hasna, voh hasaana, voh roothke phir manaana
Voh har ek pall mein dil mein samaaye diye mein jalaaye
Le jaa rahi hoon main le jaa rahi hoon main le jaa rahi hoon
O preetam, o preetam
Bin tere mere is jeevan mein
Kuch bhi nahin nahin nahin nahin nahin
Kuch bhi nahin
Hamesha tumko chaaha, aur chaaha chaaha chaaha
Aur chaaha chaaha chaaha - 2
Haan chaaha chaaha chaaha
Bas chaaha chaaha chaaha
Haan chaaha chaaha chaaha
Aur chaaha chaaha chaaha - 2

Friday, March 9, 2012


The song  - zindagi kaisi hai paheli.... from Hindi classic ANAND  is one my favorite  that  i listen on rare kind of mood , it  pinches my heart instead of soothing voice and music. A rare gem given by Manna De, Shalil chowdhary and  lyrics by Yogesh. The song  has made the movie immortal though song is about death.

ponder on the line-
वही चुनकर ख़ामोशी
यूँ चली जाए अकेले कहाँ?
gives an ache  of not knowing the mystery of life beyond this world of Maya.

ज़िंदगी ...
कैसी है पहेली, हाए
कभी तो हंसाये
कभी ये रुलाये
ज़िंदगी ...

कभी देखो मन नहीं जागे
पीछे पीछे सपनों के भागे
एक दिन सपनों का राही
चला जाए सपनों के आगे कहाँ
ज़िंदगी ...

जिन्होने सजाए यहाँ मेले
सुख-दुख संग-संग झेले
वही चुनकर ख़ामोशी
यूँ चली जाए अकेले कहाँ
ज़िंदगी ...