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Monday, December 5, 2011

Dev Anand -A Romance with life

people remembering Dev Anand  in different ways, by different songs,  by different aspects of his life.The most prevalent  line to define him is-" main har fikar ko dhunwain main udarata  chala gaya."
But i remember him as a lover who could not find his love in spite of being damn smart, rich and famous.
This shows; you can not get everything you desire and some times even  what you desire the most. He could not marry his love Surraiya.
 He can best be remembered for his role as Raju guide in Hindi  classic- GUIDE.
There are many good  songs for which he can be remembered .
my favorite one is- Tu kahan ye bata is nashilee raat main......tooooooooooooooooooo much ,
 His style and Rafi Sahib`s voice , the misty atmosphere.- Dev Anand in a truly romantic mood.
I like  his spirit and  life long Romance with his own life.
RIP! Dev Sahib.

Here is Hindi song with English translation.
Tu Kahaan, Ye Bataa, Iss Nasheelee Raat Mein
Where are you lost, tell me, in this intoxicating night.
Maaney Na Mera Dil Deewaana
My passionate heart will not listen to reason.
Haay Re, Maaney Na Mera Dil Deewaana
Oh my passionate heart will not know peace
Hey, Bada Natkhat Hai Sama
see, the mischievous surroundings.
Har Nazaara Hai Jawaan
Beautiful sights everywhere.
Chha Gaya Chaaron Taraf, Meri Aahon Ka Dhuaan
Everything is enveloped in all directions in the clouds of my sighs.
Dil Mera, Meri Jaan, Na Jalaa Tu Kahaan...
Spare my heart, my Love, don`t make it miserable, where are you?
Ho, Aai Jab Thandi Hawa
Oh, when the cold breeze blew.
Maine Poochha Jo Pata
When I asked for your whereabouts.
Vo Bhi Katrake Gai, Aur Bechain Kiya
The breeze slipped past me, agitated me even more.
Pyar Se, Tu Mujhe, De Sada Tu Kahaan...
Lovingly, call out to me, where are you.
Hey, Chand Taaron Ne Suna
The moon and the stars heard it

In Bahaaron Ne Suna
These pleasant spring times heard me
Dard Ka Raag Mera, Rehguzaron Ne Suna
My cry of pain, the busy pathways heard it
Tu Bhi Soon, Jaaneman, Aa Bhi Jaa Tu Kahaan...
You too hear it, my life, it's about time you came, where are you?
Ho, Pyaar Ka Dekho Asar
Oh, see the power of love
Aaye Tum Thaame Jigar
You came, with eagerness of love
Mil Gayi Aaj Mujhe, Meri Manchahi Dagar
I have found today, the path I was seeking
Kyun Chhupa, Ek Jhalak, Phir Dikha Tu Kahaan...
Why hide, give me a glimpse, once again, where are you?

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