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Friday, September 23, 2011

Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish

This  is 75th  post on Musical Blood People. Platinum Jubilee post.
So it must be special. I have  worked for almost two hours for this post, while listening this song in loop.

Some songs are loved by specific people and rejected by others but rare are the songs which show real mass appeal. Undoubtedly the song from movie Gulami-zihaal-e-miskeen mukon ba-ranjish bahaal-e-hijra bechara dil hai” comes under this category.

 I think this kind of music is never made by anybody but point of time that converges different artists into this kind of creativity. Each and every person involved in this song  deserves appreciation, starting from Gulzar for fine lyrics, LP for  creating music of mass appeal, Lata for giving folk and classic touch, even I cannot imagine that  anybody can replace Sabbir Kumar. I even like its picturization; I like the rustic village Rajasthanilooks of both Mithun and Anita raj, the locations director J P Dutta had chosen. Even I like the bus and its motion in the kacha road in the movie.
See, how love survives even in crowd, it happens only in INDIA.

This song is loved by many, but unfortunately not understood well. As Gulzar sahib used too much symbolicals in the lyrics and people mostly get lost in the literal meaning of the song.
I will try to show the real meaning beyond the words, hopefully you people would enjoy it more.

Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish,
bahaal-e-hijra bechaaraa dil hai

The opening stanza has been taken from an old poetry by
 Amir Khusrau
Which was a poem having  Persian couplet followed by Brajbhasha couplets.
Here Gulzar modified it slightly by adding Urdu words. Rest of the song in Hindi Urdu mix is entirely a creation of Gulzar.
Here it is important to note that the entire song is not a single event. But each stanza describes emotions different in time, location and situation.  Only thing that relates all things (time, location and situation) is HEART OF THE LOVER filled with Pain.
Zihaal-e-miskin makun-baranjish,
bahaal-e-hijra bechaaraa dil hai
I am already in a miserable condition, suffering intense Pain (like a fresh wound) of separation from my beloved.
Oh man!  do not look me with hostility.
(Here, painful lover is urging to the people around who see him with hate)
sunaai deti hai jisaki dharkan
tumhaaraa dil ya hamaaraa dil hai
I wonder, this heart beat which I am listening is mine or yours?
(Here, lover is talking to self and saying, I feel you so close that I am unable to distinguish my heart from yours)

woh aake pehlu  mein aisey baithey
ke shaam rangeen ho gayi hai
zara zara si khili tabiyat
zara si gamgeen ho gayi hai
He came and sat so lovingly besides me
that the evening has become lively.
It’s a strange feeling that is making me little bit  joyful and sorrowful simultaneously.

ajeeb hai dil ke dard yaaron
na ho to mushkil hai jeena iska
jo ho to har dard ek heeraa
har ek gam hai nageena iska

O friend! The desires of the heart are strange (as it seeks pain)
It does not feel its existence without pain,
And on getting Pain, heart preserves them as precious gems.
 (Here, lover feels, heart without pain is like treasure chamber without gems)
kabhi kabhi shaam aisi dhalti hai
ke jaise ghunghat utar rahi hai
tumhaare seene se uthta dhuaan
hamare dil se guzar raha hai
Sometimes the evening sets
As if it is going to offer something charming.
(Symbolical- as if some beautiful girl is putting her veil slowly and revealing beauty)
And  your strong desire for me is reaching to my heart very intensely.

ye sharm hai ya haya hai kya hai?
nazar uthate hi jhuk gayi hai
tumhari palkon se girke shabnam
hamari aankhon mein ruk gayi hai

Here, lover asking to her lovely lady
What is this? You just stared at me and closed your eyes.
She answers
It’s because I can’t behold your sharp gaze for a long but I have just captured your gaze in my closed eyes.

Persian & Urdu words meaning
zihaal = notice
miskeen = poor
mukon = do not
ba-ranjish = with ill will, with enimity
bahaal = condition
hijra = separation

AnMoL VaChaN- ponder on - Ajib hain iss dil ke dard yaaro.

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