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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


 Especially blessed are those who have love in thier  hearts. Love has one  peculiar element- longing.
 when one has love in heart and there is none to share one longes for the partner.
This song - koi nahi hai phir bhi hai mujhko kya jane kis ka intezar-  by lata
tells the situation of the young gal filled with love in heart, longing for a partner.
Simple Laxmi Pyaremusic, majrooh’ s poetic simplicity.
 Enjoy it with sweet Lata ,magical himalayas red Apples
 of courselast but not least  wahedaa with Adaa.

Koi nahi hain fir bhi hain mujhko, kya jane kis  ka intezar

Ye bhi na janoo, laharake anchal kis ko bulaye bar bar

Sochoon  ye hai ungaliyan kis ke pyar ki
Galon ko chhuye jo daali bahar ki
Kaun hain aye hawa, aye bahaar

Pani mein chhabi main dekhoon khadi khadi
Baalon mein saja ke kaliyan badi badi
Fir banoo ap hi bekarar 

Wadi mein nishan mere hi panw ke
Foolon pe hain rang meri hi chhanw ke
Fir bhi kyon aye na ayetabar

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