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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

RJ Sayema Radio Mirchi Delhi

Dedicated To Ameen Sayani & Sayema
You know
music is soul food.
imagine a food without spice.
i mean music in iteslf is  something wonderful
but presenter makes it more wonderful.
And ameen sayami sahib of cibaca/binaca geetmala fame has been one of them.
And in recent  times i like the way Sayema (  Radio Mirchi RJ) presents PURANI JEANS.
i DEDICATE this blog to these two spicy people. 


  1. hi Sayema how are you, your program is purani jeanse is favorite for maximum of listener to all of the state people. Your voice is like to Ameen Sayani, may you long live. Your program is like to evergreen program.........I dont miss ur program aswell as your voice like to Lata Ji....

    Thanks & regards

    Milan Mandal
    (Ber Sarai, New Delhi

  2. Hi sayma,,

    nice to see yr pic..u are soo sweel like yr healthy voice.
    after offic m reguler listner purni jeans...
    thakaaannn utarr jati haii yaarrr !!!

    hemant arya