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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Masha allah

The love song of today is - Masha allah from the movie Saanwariya

This song demands multiple listening, you may not like this song at first but as you would listen it again and again,
I am sure it will wrap you in its sweet melody.
I feel this number is underrated, it hasn`t gotten the attention it deserved.
One reason may b too much words of Urdu but Sameer has used those Urdu words properly. Monty Sharma as a music director doesn’t look new comer,
Specialty about this song is its fresh in tunes but has slowness of 60`s songs (thah'raav).

Again kunal is lazwaab but I can’t imagine this song without background female voice. Background support from female voice(shreya?)
Is added flavor making the song something amazing.
She is not speaking a single word just aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa but her presence is felt . hai na amazing.

To make song more palatable , here are Urdu words meanings

Masha Allah- by the grace of Allah(God)
Gumshum - silently (pondering on something)
Chandni - moon light
Naazneen - a lovely belle
Hoor - godess
Dilkashi - heart captivating
Dilnashi - heart intoxicating
jaanat ka noor - light from heavens
saba - breeze
ghata -cloud
kahkashan - galaxy
sahibaan - mistress
bebaak- uncontrolled
allhar(d)- carefree
haya- modesty
rida- covered up
wafa- faith
nasha- intoxication
khamosh- silent
nazrein- eyes(looking)
sadaon- calling (pukarna)
duaon- prayers
nafas- breath

by the grace of god

Allah … Allah

gumsum chandni ho
you are a silent(pondering) moonlight

naazneen ho
a lovely belle

ya koi hoor ho
or a godess

dilnasheen ho
you are heart intoxicating

dilkasheen ho
you are heart captivating

ya jannat ka noor ho
or a light from the heavens

masha-allah, masha-allah, masha-allah
by god's grace...

tum saba ho
you are a breeze

ya ghataa ho
or a cloud

kehkashaa ho
you are a galaxy

saaibaan ho
you are a my mistress

subah ki pehli kiran ke jaisi
like the first beam of morning

bebaak alhad pavan ke jaisi
like a uncontrolled carefree wind

khushboowen tum lutati ho
you are showering the fragrance

masti mein choor choor

by being so overjoyed

masha-allah, masha-allah, masha-allah

tum haya ho
you are modesty

tum rida ho
you are covered up

tum wafaa ho
you are a faith

tum nasha ho
you are intoxication

khamosh nazre sadaaon jaisi
your silent eyes are as if calling me

tumhari baatein duaon jaisi
your words are like prayers

har nafas mein tum samayee ho
you are wrapped in my every breath i take

phir bhi ho itni door

and still i feel you are so far

masha-allah, masha-allah, masha-allah
gumsum chandni ho
naazneen ho
ya koi hoor ho
dilnasheen ho
dilkasheen ho
ya jannat ka noor ho
masha-allah, masha-allah, masha-allah

enjoy it …

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