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Thursday, April 23, 2015

teri galiyan

I am usually late at receiving good things in life. So again late to get the real taste of this superb song. I faintly remember overlooking this song quite a few times. But lastly this song has bitten me badly. The song is fresh and inspires to dream.
It transports back to my days of -Teri galiyan. In love everything that belongs to lover is lovable too, be it her street, city, railway station, home, hostel, school ,college, university , canteen, library, park and temple - her letters, gifts, flowers, bands, music cassetes, cards, diary, fallen hanky even her chai, samosa, Rajma- chawal, kadi -chawal, juice and golgappa shop, every place and everything becomes lovable. AND  HER favourite movies, books poems are my too, her  favourite songs and Ghazals  are MINE.

 Manoj Muntashir the lyricist must have been smitten by love at some point in life otherwise this kind of song cannot be written. The music and singing by new comer Ankit Tiwari is melodious and goes very well with the theme of the lyrics. It may be” beginners luck” as Paulo Coehlo says in the novel Alchemist.
The song needs multiple listening at least in two ways - one with video and other without.

The visuals are so good that they put some shadow on the real theme of the song. Though it is hard to believe that anybody could think more creative stuff than shown in the song. The visuals are showing dreamy world of the lovers which is far away from real world of the ordinary people (I mean people not smitten by love). Still the song needs second round of -pure ears without eyes- to get the essence of the song. What you can do while listening, fill the visuals in your mind by dreaming and dreaming. 

हो ओ zzz यहीं डूबे दिन मेरे 

होते हैं सवेरे 

मरना और जीना 

मंदिर और मदीना]x २  

तेरी गलियां…गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

भावें गलियां, तेरी गलियां

तेरी गलियां…गलियां तेरी, गलियां 
यूं ही
तड़पावें, गलियां तेरी, गलियां

तू मेरी नींदों में सोता है 

तू मेरे
अश्क़ों में रोता है 

सी है ख्यालों में 

तू ना हो, फिर भी तू होता है 

है सिला
तू मेरे दर्द का 

मेरे दिल की दुआएं हैं 

तेरी गलियां…गलियां
तेरी, गलियां 

भावें गलियां, तेरी गलियां 

गलियां…गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

तड़पावें, गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

कैसा है रिश्ता तेरा मेरा 

फिर भी कितना गहरा 

ये लम्हें,
लम्हें ये रेशम से 

खो जाएँ
खो ना जाएँ हमसे 

वक़्त का रोक ले 

अब दिल से
से जुदा ना हो 

तेरी गलियां…गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

भावें गलियां, तेरी गलियां 

गलियां…गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

तड़पावें, गलियां तेरी, गलियां 

तेरी गलियां तड़पावे 

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