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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Migratory Birds Part-II

The songs like चल उड़ जा रे पंछी, के अब ये देस हुआ बेगाना - हम तो चले परदेस seem to be alien emotion for the current generation. With the faster mode of transportation, globalization this world looks small .The migration within country does not seem a big deal. But some people far away living in different countries might find it relevant even today, when they remember their India. The feeling is similar when a villager in past remembered his village in a city. That time the distance was not easy to travel. And except letters there was no method of communication. Another thing, the sense of belongingness was deeper. In villages of those times, people lived as a concerned community, it was more common and less individual. Beside home and land , there was common village well, pond, trees, playground, temple, gurudwara , church, maszid  etc. In this age , we live more individually; even in villages. We are lost in TV, mobile, and many more individualistic gadgets.
Sometimes I feel,  up to last century a person`s life was like a deep rooted tree in a jungle, it was painful for tree to get uprooted and get placed in a new environment.   It was like tree might be missing the  fellow trees, birds, nests, insects’ animals, surrounding vines, neighboring brook etc.
 Now in twenty first century ,the humans are not deep rooted trees in ajungle but beautiful bonsai in a vase living with fellow plants in individual  vases  and there is no regret and remorse just pick the vase and place anywhere you like. So these songs sometimes seem irrelevant but not always , there are some people  …
चल उड़ जा रे पंछी, के अब ये देस हुआ बेगाना/
तू ने तिनका तिनका चुनकर नगरी एक बसायी
बारीश में तेरी भीगी पाख़े, धूप में गर्मी खायी
ग़म ना कर जो तेरी मेहनत तेरे काम ना आई ,
अच्छा हैं कुछ ले जाने से दे कर ही कुछ जाना

भूल जा अब वो मस्त हवा, वो उड़ना डाली डाली
जग की आँख का कांटा बन गयी चाल तेरी मतवाली
कौन भला उस बाग को पूछे, हो ना जिसका माली,
तेरी किस्मत में लिखा हैं, जीते जी मर जाना

रोते हैं वो पंख पखेरू, साथ तेरे जो खेले
जिनके साथ लगाये तू ने अरमानों के मेले
भीगी आखियों से ही उन की आज दूवायें ले ले,

किस को पता अब इस नगरी में कब हो तेरा आना/

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