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Friday, October 19, 2012


Shrimad Bhagvad Gita tells there are only two ways to realize God. One is gyan-marg(path of wisdom ) and other is bhakti marg(path of devotion).if someone asks which one is better, answer is bhakti marg, reason - it is simple & short ,one has to unconditionally  devote oneself to God. But gyan marg is reaching to God by knowledge and intelligence and it is not possible for everyone to go through this long path.  I believe ultimately both paths get merged. As both reach to love, ultimate wisdom is love. If intelligence is not deep rooted in the soil of love, its mere an intelligence it’s not wisdom and it would never realize God. Similarly if Bhakti is not engulfed by love, it’s not a true Bhakti.
Intelligence is very useful thing but has a limit but love is infinite. There are two people I can remember for being ultimate in their field. The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the ultimate intellect but his intelligence could not save even his own balance of mind, he lived like a mental in last days of his life, other is almost illiterate Indian saint Kabir full of wisdom, his Bhakti was deep rooted in love, till last moment of life he never lost his mind, he died in Maghar just to teach people that dying in any place does not matter but your good deeds are the only earnings that go with you. So it does not matter whether you die in Kashi or maghar (It was believed that if one dies in Kashi- goes to paradise and if one dies in Maghar – goes to hell).

            Why this long talk about wisdom & love before a song? You may ask.   I have to select a song for 100th post. I thought a lot, two songs ultimately surfaced on my mind. One is philosophical /wisdom song and other is love song.  Both of these songs  entangle with my existence. Ultimately love song got the 100th position. But 99th position is not less important as in this whole universe nothing is absolute save God and love is not different from God .so anything pure in this world is 99 as 100 is God only.   
So my 99th  is      SONG OF WISDOM & 100th  will be SONG OF LOVE

         SONG OF WISDOM is  AYE DIL- E- NADAN by Lata Ji from the movie Razia Sultan. The words of wisdom are by Jan Nisar Akhtar. This song is timeless, the words, voice and music make it rarest of the rare GEM. I have not heard any other song that starts with sound of  santoor.  Khayyam sahib at the end of his career has given this precious gift to Hindi Cinema Music.

My favourite line is-
Arzoon ne har kisi dil ko dard bantein hain, kitne ghayal hain kitnet bismil hain,  iss khudai mai ek tu kya hai?
 (Desires are the reason of sorrow, your pain and suffering is too small, there are uncounted people who are suffering the pain and grief in the kingdom of God.)

aye dil-ye-naadaan  aye dil-ye-naadaan aarzoo kya hai?
 zoostazoo kya hai?
 hum bhatakate hain, kyon bhatakate hain dashta-o-seharaa mein
aisa lagata hai, mauj pyaasi hai apane dareeyaa mein
 kaisee uljhan hai, kyon ye ulajhan hai
 ek saaya sa, rubaru kya hai
 kyaa qyamat hai, kya musibat hai
 kah nahin sakatey  kis ka aramaan hai
zindagee jaise khoyee khoyee hai, hairaan hairaan hai
ye zameen chup hai, aasamaan chup hai
 fir ye dhadakan see chaar su kyaa hai
 aye dila-ye-naadaan ayesi raahon mein kitaney kaante hain
aarazooon ne har kisi dil ko dard baante hain
 kitaney ghaayal hain, kitaney bismil hain is khudaee mein yek tu kya
hai?  Yek tu kya hai?

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