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Friday, October 19, 2012


This is 100th post , I have selected the love song that is part of my life in some special way. It will remain secret for few days , I wish to write about it when I will be really deeply engulfed by love. Till then a love poem by Rumi.

Songs of the soul

In every breath 
if you're the center 
of your own desires 
you'll lose the grace 
of your beloved 

But if in every breath 
you blow away 
your self claim 
the ecstasy of love 
will soon arrive 

In every breath 
if you're the center 
of your own thoughts 
the sadness of autumn 
will fall on you 

But if in every breath 
you strip naked 
just like a winter 
the joy of spring 
will grow from within 

All your impatience 
comes from the push 
for gain of patience 
let go of the effort 
and peace will arrive 

All your unfulfilled desires 
are from your greed 
for gain of fulfillments 
let go of them all 
and they will be sent as gifts 

Fall in love with 
the agony of love 
not the ecstasy 
then the beloved 
will fall in love with you
            Jalal-u-din  RUMI

 It has been long since I have promised this post; I got the punch of emotion many times to write this post but could not write for one or other reasons.  Yesterday while travelling I realized, what we imagine as a perfect time, sometime never comes. It is not necessary that life would give you every chance. So do it now otherwise never. And it becomes absolutely necessary when someone is waiting…
Before I declare the -song of love-. let me say  my heart  that felt the new dimension of love which got revealed through suffering I witnessed. The love left abandoned; when shook my soul; I find the breadth of love that is infinite. We often hear about depth of love, but love`s depth has some bottom but breadth is infinite. It wraps you; it engulfs you, or simply I say -wherever you may go you find it waiting for you.
  Being in love means; living in a different plane. In ordinary plane, we can imagine about love but love`s salt is known to only those who have tasted it. LOVE is for blessed few, It is for those; who choose to earn sufferings for a thing; logical mind says not so worthy. But they do not heed to mind and listen to their heart that says- this is the ultimate desire, if it is not worth possessing what else is?
Now, The song of love. It is part of my life. When I purposed my love, after accepting my proposal next day she asked me- to what song you would relate your love for me?
 I said- it’s my favorite love song that perfectly matches my feelings at the moment.
तुम गए हो, नूर गया है, नहीं तो चरागों से लौ जा रही थीii
जीने की तुमसे, वजह मिल गयी है, बड़ी बेवजह जिन्दगी जा रही थीii

 This song from pen of Gulzar in a Gulzar directed movie Andhi  is matchless ,poured feeling of love in a different mould but in a perfect way and RD Burman gave the words their true spirit through his music and Lata and kishore  together are always magical.
This song transports me to a different world. I feel like being a pair of free birds is on their wings with hallucination of love in their hearts.
 Amo Shum!

तुम गए हो, नूर गया है
नहीं तो चरागों से लौ जा रही थी
जीने की तुमसे, वजह मिल गयी है
बड़ी बेवजह जिन्दगी जा रही थी

कहाँ से चले, कहाँ के लिए
ये खबर नहीं थी मगर
कोई भी सिरा, जहाँ जा मिला
वही तुम मिलोगे
के हम तक तुम्हारी दुआ रही थी
तुम गए हो...

दिन डूबा नहीं, रात डूबी नहीं
जाने कैसा है सफ़र
ख़्वाबों के दीये, आँखों में लिए
वहीँ रहे थे
जहाँ से तुम्हारी सदा रही थी
तुम गए हो...

29-05-13  06:45 pm

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