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Friday, May 4, 2012

chalo jag ko bhulein

This song transports my-self into some fantasy world where everything is unknown save LOVE. Music by LP is like the perfumed wind of the sandal-woodland that hallucinates, passionately crafted words by Santosh Anand and lastly giving real tempo to all the magic is amorous voices of MUKESH and LATA.  The song is -Main bhoolunga from ROTI KAPRA aur MaKAN

My fav line-
samay ki dhaaraa mein, umar bah jaanee hai 
jo gharee jee lengey, wahi rah jaanee hai 

(Life flees on the wings of time, only the moments spent in love are our possessions.)

main naa bhooloongaa, main naa bhooloongee -2

inn rasamon ko, in kasamon ko, in rishtey naaton ko 
main naa bhooloongaa, main naa bhooloongee

chalo jag ko bhulein, khayaalon mein jhulein
bahaaron mein dole, sitaaron ko chhoo lein 
aa  teri main maang sawaanru, too dulhan ban jaa 
maang se jo dulhan kaa rishtaa, main naa bhooloongee 

samay ki dhaaraa mein, umar bah jaanee hai 
jo gharee jee lengey, wahi rah jaanee hai 
mai n bann jaaoon  saans aakhari, tu jeevan bann jaa 

jeevan se saanson kaa rishtaa, main naa bhooloongee .

barasataa saawan ho, mahakataa aangan ho 
kabhee dil doolhaa ho, kabhee dil dulhan ho 

gagan ban kar jhoomein, pawan ban kar ghoomein 
chalo raahe modein, kabhee naa sang chhodein 

kaheen  pey chhup jaanaa hai, najar nahin aanaa hai 
kaheen pey bass jaayengey, ye din kat jaayengey. 

arey  kyaa baat chali, wo dekho raat dhai 

ye baatein chalati rahein, ye raatein dhalati rahein 

main mann ko mandir kar daalun, too poojan ban jaa
mandir sey poojaa kaa rishtaa main naa bhooloongee 

AnMOl VAcHaN- This song is dedicated to My Love.
Amo Shum!

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