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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Betab dil ki tamanna yehi hai

I have been out of gear. I mean my musical journey seemed derailed.  Whatever collection I have, I tried all but could not find solace. I thought, I have lost the taste of music.  Listening few favorite one but it was just not as passionate as I have relation with music.  Suddenly an old song came to rescue me and put me on the musical track. 
I am listening to this song in a loop.
 And suppose God asks - tell me the song for which you love to die.
 At the moment   I would say- BETAAB DIL KI TAMMANNA YAHI HAI.
Lata Ji once again totally captivated my ears in sweet tone, Kaifi sahib`s  touchy words and wonderful  score by  Madan Mohan.  I recognized this   musicians quite late.  A class musician of own kind  

Apne se bhi chhupa ke …. My fav line.

Betaab Dil Kee, Tamannaa Yahi Hai,
tumhein Chaahengey, Tumhein Poojengey,tumhe Apanaa Khudaa banaayengey

sune Sune Khwaabon Mein, Jab Tak Tum Naa Aaye Theiy
khushiyaan Thi Sab Aauron Ki, Gam Bhee Saare Paraaye Theiy
apane Se Bhi Chhupaayi Thee, Dhadakan Apane Seeney Ki
hum Ko Jeenaa Padta Thaa, Khwaayeesh Kab Thee Jeeney Ki
ab Jo Aa Ke Tum Ne, Humein Jeenaa Seekhaa Diya Hai
chalo Duniyaan Nayi Basaayenge

bheegey Bheegey Palakon Pe, Sapane Kitaney Sajaaye Hain
dil Mein Jitana Andhera Tha, Utaney Ujaale Aaye Hain
tum Bhi Hum Ko Jagaanaa Naa ,Baahon Mein Jo Sou Jaaye
jaise Khushabu phooon Mein, Tum Mein Yun Hi Kho Jaayein
pall Bhar Kisi Janam Mein, Kabhi Chhootey Na Saath Apana
tumhein Ayese Galey Lagayenge.

waadey Bhi Hain, Kasmein Bhee, Bita Waqt Ishaaron ka
kaisey Kaisey Aramaan Hain, Mela Jaisey Bahaaron Ka
saaraa Gulashan De Daalaa, Kaliyaan Aaur Khilao Na
hansatey Hansatey Ro Dein Humein  Itanaa Bhi Tou Hansaao Na
dil Mein Tum Hi Basey Ho, Saaraa Aanchal Wo Bhar Chuka Hai
kahaa Itani Khushi Chhupaayengey.

Anmol Vachan:
If I could write 360 posts ever , I would tell the  song which I believe  can make me respond  even if  I were dead. 

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