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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Why do I write music blog? Music is universal, almost all people listen music. Some like one genre or other. So what‘s special that I am doing here. Is it mere praising of some artists? or something more than this. Some time I ask these questions to self. It’s not easy to write this blog because I do not write casually. Everything can be viewed at least in seven aspects (Jainism beief). For single post, I listen that single song almost 10-15 times in loop to feel song in multiple aspects. So I have given at least 50 substantial hours to musical blood people.

People think listening music needs no special ears. But I believe listening music too is an art that should be learned. As G.B.Shaw says- I was a free thinker until I came to know, how to think.

If you do not agree, I keep these words to myself; at least I have learned it and still learning.

Two examples- I listened these songs uncounted times -

i) kabhi-kabhi mere dil main khyal ata hai…, one day I listened it more carefully , suddenly last line of the song stroke me hard and whole meaning of the song changed. I always thought it as a beautiful love song but it is not. It’s aah! Unfulfilled desire of the lover. Listen the last line carefully and view whole song in that perspective.

main janta hoon ki tu gair hai magar yun hi…

ii) Inhi logon ne chhina duppata mera- I listned this song as meena kumari classic that’s all.

This song really shook my soul when I cared about the words. It was a description of her tragedy. A painful revelation, a satire. I felt ashamed. It’s a narration by a helpless lady who was dragged to prostitution by rich and powerful. Chhina dupatta mera means- they snatched respect from me and made me socially disrespectful.

Believe it or not I can’t listen this song in full length without feeling sad at the end.

There are many songs like this.

In this blog I just try to share what to listen. For example in the Ghazal- dil chiz kya hai app meri jaan lijiye (umrao jaan) sometimes I don’t listen anything but- taal of ghungroo only.

I say still learning to listen means, I can’t enjoy classic music and symphonies up to the extent, I believe as some people enjoy.

Pt. bhim sen Joshi from kirana Gharana left this world two days back. This post is dedicated to him.

AnMoL VaChAn: music is the poetry of the air.

mainney nahi kaha , kaha hai- Jean Paul Rithcher sahib ne.

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