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Sunday, January 23, 2011

CeLeBrate- 50

This is 50th post of musical blood people, I am quite excited to write this. I thought of many songs but finally this song got the slot.


Here, I luv to declare that I am big fan of Raj kapoor. One more person comes naturally in my mind when I recall Raj kapoor, his contemporary-Guru Dutt, I like him too. He was more realistic and equally genius but failed to link with masses. Raj kapoor on the other hand made movies admired by both class and mass.

This song is special in many ways-

i-the feelings wrapped in words by shailendra just sway you,

ii- how could this blog be complete without including MUKESH in ist 50

iii- Raj kapoor showmanship at best.

iv- Shankar - jaikishan ' wonderful score.

The way Simi Grewal looks at Raj (his teacher and ist love in the movie) says many things without saying anything.

Ponder on this - kal khel main hum ho na hon, gardish main tarey rahenge sada…

Jeena Yahan Marna Yahan,Iske Siva Jaana Kahan

Ji Chahe Jab Humko Awaaz Do

Hum Hain Wahin Hum Thhe Jahan,

Apne Yahin Dono JahanIske

Siva Jana Kahan Jeena Yahan

Yeh Mera Geet Jeevan Sangeet ,Kal Bhi Koi Dohrayega

Jag Ko Hasane, Bahrupiya Roop Badal Phir Aayega

Swarg Yahin Nark Yahan

Iske Siva Jana Kahan Jeena Yahan .

.Kal Khel Mein Hum Ho Na Ho Gardish Mein Taare Rahenge Sada

Bhoolenge Hum Bhoologe Tum Par Hum Tumhare Rahenge Sada

Rahenge Yahin Apne Nishan

Iske Siva Jana Kahan

Jeena Yahan...

AnMoL vAcHaN: I luv some songs , because

Someone who I love-

Loves those songs.

Har waqt apni marzi bhi nahi achhi , Samjhey!!!

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