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Thursday, February 14, 2013


         I got fascinated by the science news-First-Ever Incredible Footage of a Thought Being Formed. Actually Some Japanese scientist has clicked the picture of brain at the moment of neuron fires that are origin of a particular thought. Seeing that picture reinforced my earlier belief with a scientific fact that true understanding is wordless. The thought is a set of neuron fires and what we interpret with the help of language is a mere interpretation, and interpretation can be variable person to person.
      Not going very deep in science let me come to the point, body`s natural language and feelings are much older than the languages we speak for communication.
       On the moving train when I looked in eyes of my love; the eyes sent a hallucinating wave, I still have no words for that addiction that looked like a sweet scented dream world , walking on the road in pouring rain, the hug in drenched clothes said something and how could words contain that feeling without overflow?. The first kiss on her palms in the temple, after that her uncontrolled breath and trembling of whole body in shyness. Could any prose or poem capture that totality?
     Then the deep pain stuck swollen eyes that poured tears whole night before the day of separation. The speechless trembling lips wanted to say uncountable things but kept on chanting my name, the joyful rosy face became like a trampled rose. The feeling of the moment was just the world should end here so that there may not be any scope for separation or can`t this time freeze here only. 
   Those things can be written like a novel but all those words can be blown to nothingness if ever punched by our first sweet kiss.
So if I say any love related words, those will be too less…
But still I say BE MY VALENTINE.


The song for my valentine-

फूलों के रंग से, दिल की कलम से, तुज को लिखी रोज पाती
कैसे बताऊ किस किस तरह से, पल पल मुझे तू सताती

तेरे ही सपने लेकर के सोया, तेरे ही यादों में जागा
तेरे ख्यालों में उलझा रहा यूं जैसे के माला में धागा

बादल बिजली चन्दन पानी, जैसा अपना प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार
इतना मदीर, इतना मधुर तेरा मेरा प्यार
लेना होगा जनम हमे कई कई बार

साँसों की सरगम  धड़कन की बीना, सपनों की गीतांजली तू
मन की गली में महके जो हरदम ऐसी जूही की कली तू
छोटा सफ़र हो, लंबा सफ़र हो, सूनी डगर हो या मेला
याद तू आये, मन हो जाए, भीड़ के बीच अकेला
बादल बिजली चन्दन पानी, जैसा अपना प्यार.. ..

पूरब हो पश्चिम  उत्तर हो दक्षिण   तू हर जगह मुस्कुराये
जितना ही जाऊ मैं दूर तुझ से, उतनी ही तू पास आये
आंधी ने रोका, पानी ने टोका, दुनिया ने हसकर पुकारा
तसवीर तेरी लेकिन लिए मैं, कर आया सब से किनारा
बादल बिजली चन्दन पानी, जैसा अपना प्यार.. ..

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