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Monday, September 24, 2012

Return Journey

Today I am in a different state of mind, so bringing a different & unique song. This song talks about return journey to heavens after death.
 I have listened this song many times but casually, one day listened it carefully, then I came to know the depth of the song. It’s a symbolical song.
Gist of the song:
God is my father & I am his daughter. My father (God) reminded me to keep some promises; before leaving for this world. He urged that I would keep my soul pure and spot-less but on reaching this world I forgot all and got involved in all wrong doings because of Maya. My soul is now spotted. How could I dare to show my face to father? How could I return to my father's home?

   Sahir Ludhianvi`s pearls with Manna De magic.  Keep those lines in mind before listening song

Kori chunariya aatma(soul) mori 
maill hai maaya jaal 
Woh duniya( heavens) morey baabul(father/God) ka ghar,
Ye duniya(world) sasuraal


Laaga~~ chunari mein daag, chhupaau kaise, laaga~~ chunari mein daag
Chunari mein daag, chhupaau kaise,
Ghar jaau kaise
Laaga~~ chunari mein daag...

Ho gayi maili mori chunariya,
Kore badan si kori chunariya - 2
Aa ... jaake baabul se,
Nazarein milaau kaise, ghar jaau kaise
Laaga~~ chunari mein daag...

Bhool gayi sab vachan bida ke kho gayi main sasuraal mein aake
Aa ... jaake baabul se,
Nazre milaau kaise, ghar jaau kaise
Laaga~~ chunari mein daag...

Kori chunariya aatma mori mail hai maaya jaal -2
Woh duniya more baabul ka ghar,
Ye duniya sasuraal
Haan jaake, baabul se,
Nazre milaau kaise, ghar jaau kaise
Laaga~~chunari mein daag...

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