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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Joy and sorrow

I usually talk about love and romance in this blog. But this is not the only aspect that concerns me. Life is a spectrum of many emotions many of which we even unable to explain but in general we divide our emotions into two streams- joy and sorrow. Both are integral part of life, joy has no significance without the sorrow, vice versa.
It is unusual co-incident that two of my closest friends have separately picked the same song. One friend living far away recommended me to listen that song again and sent the link, other friend demanded that song from me for listening. “KASME VADEY PYAR WAFA SAB BATEIN HAIN, BATON KA KYA?” from movie UPKAR. It diverted my mind to think that something is wrong with my world.
Some of us have impression that the world in past was better, may be, but the people at the top of the ladder who had power to decide the fate of common people were always like this.
 Look back in the history-
Socrates before his death penalty, was given chance to  address the senators in Athens at his trial, he said, “Why aren’t you ashamed of spending your lives hoarding money and fame and caring little about wisdom and  truth and greatest improvement of the soul, which you never regard or heed at all?”

This may not be whole truth that all relations are false but this is also one aspect of life what we sometimes feel in our loneliness.
So be with me for this thought provoking song that may be harsh reality for many people at a particular time. 
Soulful singing by manna de, meaningful lyrics by indeever and memorable music by kalyanji-Anandji.
kasmey waadey pyaar wafa sab baatein hain baaton ka kya?
koyi kisi kaa nahee yeh jhuthey naatey hain naato kaa kya
hoga masiha -2 saamaney terey, phir bhi na tu bach paayega
tera apna -2 khoon hi aakhir tujhako aag lagayega
aasmaan mein -2 udaney waaley mitti mein mil jaayega
kasmey waadey pyaar wafa sab baatein hain baton kaa kya?

sukh mein terey -2 saath chalengey, dukh mein sab mukh modengey
duniya waaley -2 terey bankar tera hi dil todengey
detey hain -2 bhagwan ko dhokha, insaan ko kya chhodengey

kasmey waadey pyaar wafa sab baatein hain baton kaa kya?

Anmol Vachan: Pran is an undervalued and less talked actor but he delivered on screen whatever he was assigned.  A humble and down to earth real actor.  I can`t imagine this movie without (malang)Pran. 

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