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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

sukriya meharbani

some times it is difficult sort out a song for the mood at the moment. when uncertain i play this song
Sukriya meharbani.... from YUVA. by SUNITHA SARATHY, LUCKY ALI AND KARTHIK.
Music by - A. R. RAHMAN

Its a music of differernt genre not ordinarily avilable in hindi music.
the fine singing appears going out of the range of music just
as if the wine is goiing to fall out of chalice .
but returns safely again after a spin.
the way SUNITHA SARATHY says -SUKRIYA..a...a.a..a...a..a..a..a MEHARBANI.!
changes meaning of sukriya ... beyond Thank you.

Hey! Khuda Haafiz
Shukriya ..a..aa.. Meharbani
Pal Do Pal Kya Mile
Mil Gayi Pareshaani
Anjana Anjaani

Begaana Begaana

Ghoomte Phirte Milte Hain
Milte Hai
Milke Saath Wo Chalte Hain
Chalte Hain
Dostana Naya Naya Naya
Rahein Wahi Puraani

Kal Miley Na Miley
Sochna Hai Kya
Shor Mein Abhi Kuch
Bolna Hai Kya
Ye Jo Pal Hain Wo
Apne Hain
Ruk Ja Zara O Deeewani

AnMol VaChAn: To all the musical blood people- SUKRIYA..a...a.a..a...a..a..a..a MEHARBANI!.

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