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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mujhe pyar tumse nahi hai , nahi hai , nahi hai...

When things become difficult to ascertain, can be approached from other end, by negation.

As Shankara defined God by negating- “Neti! Neti! Neti! “(not this! not this! not this! ) - he says.

Similar is the song I have selected today.

Mujhe pyar tumse nahi hai, nahi hai….

The lyricist NAKSH LYALLPURI has written about love from different angle. Music by Jaidev goes well with the thought, AND Runa Laila‘s unusual voice makes it a unique song.

But I feel the video of the song does not go well with the thought of the song. The video is good in itself but very far away from what song demands. The video shows entirely different emotion not matching with lyrics.

So this song must be listened without video, otherwise one gets distracted from the theme of the song.

tumhe ho naa ho, mujh ko to itnaa yakeen hai
mujhe pyaar tum se naheen hai, naheen hai

mujhe pyaar tum se naheen hai, naheen hai
magar maine ye raaj ab tak naa jaanaa

ke kyon pyaaree lagatee hai, baaten tumhaaree
mai kyo tum se milane kaa dhanoodhoo bahaanaa

kabhee maine chaahaa, tumhe chhoo ke dekhoon
kabhee maine chaahaa, tumhe paas laanaa
magar fir bhee is baat kaa to yakeen hai..

fir bhee jo tum door rahate ho mujh se
to rahate hain dil pe, udaasee ke saaye

koee khwaab unche makaanon se zaanke
koee khwaab baithhaa rahe, sar jhukaye
kabhee dil kee raahon main failey andheraa
kabhee door tak roshanee muskuraye
magar fir bhee is baat kaa to ..

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