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Monday, December 20, 2010

PASTa Treat

i mean past a treat
how words transcend time , A more than 200 yrs old Ghazal by Mir taqi Mir used
in movie named " Bazaar" , singer none other than lata, music by khaiyyam sahib.
it tells about depth of love. i am simplifying and translating urdu words,
to make it more clear in meaning.
urdu meanings
bekhud- no control on self
jabeen- forehead(maatha)
sajda- bowing in prayer
haq e bandagi- duty of worshiping
ada- fulfilled
parasthish ki - worshiped
yaan tak- upto that extent
butt- idol
nazar main - in eyes
sabhon ki- all the people( sabki)
khuda- God
arzoo- desire
gali- street( symbolical for closeness)
yaan se- from here( yahan se in hindi)
lahoo main nahan kar- in blood bath( symbolical for severe pain)
Dikhayi diye yun ke bekhud kiya
on seeing you, i lost control on self.
Hamein aap se bhi juda kar chale
you separated me from myself

Jabheen sajda karte hi karte gayi
forehead kept on bowing in prayers
Haq-e-bandagi ham adaa kar chale
i have fulfilled the duty of worshiping.

parasthish Ki yaan Tak Ke Aye Butt Tujhe
i worshiped you as idol, upto an extent that
nazar Mein Sabhon Ki Khuda Kar Chale
in eye of people, i `ve made you like a God.

bahut Aarzoo Thi Gali Ki Teri
i had too much desire of your street( closeness)
so Yaan se Lahoo Mein Naha Kar Chale
so i am in bloodbath .

Enjoy this classic piece of music once more...
AnMoL VaChAn- It’s not complete Ghazal but only four shayers (couplets) from full Ghazal-Fakirana Ae Sada Kar Chale, Miya Khush Raho Hum Dua Kar Chale.
This shows, even after two hundred years human emotions are the same.

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