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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

pal pal dil ke paas

Today ma bringing one of the sweetest song from kishore-- pal-pal dil ke paas.
though today there are sms, email etc. but reading a letter from beloved has own charm-this song reminds.

The sweet thoughts poured into words by Rajendra krishan(lyricist), romantic music of kalyanji-anandji and alluring voice of kishore makes this song-
"a poet`s heart revealed in melody".

i luv the scene where rakhi feels dharmendra touching her brow to kiss.

To give this song, the special affection, i have written it in the form of a letter in Hindi.

AnMOl Vachan:

if some one notices, when lover gives letter, it is never plain but folded.
to give it a touch of reality,i have deliberately folded it and thrown , then picked ,opened , read and scanned.

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