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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Instant LOVE

AAa ke teri bahon mein har shaam lagey sindoori...

some songs become part of life at the very moment they hit the ear drum first time.
you may call it instant love.
This is the song i fell in love instantly. Aaa ke teri bahon mein har shaam lagey sindoori...
The music and lyrics - fantastic. The use of marvelous hindi words.
sensual classic song. i do not remember , how many times i listened this song , some times, almost whole day only this song in loop mode.(some one occupied my mind) )
music by Anand Milind match less. S.P.Balasubrahmaniyam & Lata Mangeshkar duo both fired the emotions on the beach very well.

Aa Ke Teree Baahon Mein, Har Shaam Lagey Sindooree
mere Mann Ko Mahkaye, Tere Mann Kee Kastooree

mahakee Hawaayen Udataa Aanchal, Latt Ghoongharaale Kaale Baadal
prem Sudhaa Nainon Se Barase, Pee Lene Ko Jeewan Tarase
baahon Mein Kas Lene De, Preet Key Chumbann Dene De
inn Adharon Se Chhalak Naa Jaaye, Yowann Rass Angooree...

sundarataa Kaa Bahataa Saagar, Tere Liye Hain Roop Ki gaagar
indradhanush Ke Rang Churaoon, Teree sooni Maang Sajaaoon
dou Foolon Key Khilaney Kaa, Waqt Yahee Hai Milaney Kaa
aajaa Mil Key Aaj Mitaa Dein, Thodee See Yey Dooree...

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