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Friday, March 12, 2010

bade achchhe lagate hain...

This song touches innermost core of my soul , i count it one of the sweetest song. i mean ,really sweet to the ear. This song shows that nothing is peaceful joy than simplicity. The characters, the atmosphere ,the music ,the words and singing all making a different world of soulful music.
I surprise that is it the same singer who sang "i am a street dancer". But no wonder, when musician is RD Burman it can happen.
sach kahun tou couple ki sadagi ne hamain kayal kar diya.
There is element of innocence on both the faces.
i love theway girl asks
Aur ...
and boy says- Aur Tum.

bade achchhe lagate hai
ye dharatee, ye nadiyaan, ye rainaa aaur tum

hum tum kitane paas hai, kitane door hain chaand sitaare
sach poochho to man ko zoothhe lagate hain ye saare
magar sachche lagate hai, ye dharatee...

tum in sab ko chhod ke kaise kal subah jaaogee
mere saath inhe bhee to tum yaad bahot aaogee
bade achchhe lagate hain ...


  1. वाकई में ये गाना बहुत ही सुन्दर लिखा-कंपोज़-गाया है....."

  2. thanks for comment.hope to see more comments from you.

  3. Its a Nature poetry as well as love song. Love is beautiful....is can not be seen beautiful but when you listen to this song....you will definately become lovable!!!!!!