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Monday, December 14, 2009

Tinka Tinka jara jara

Tinka Tinka jara jara
hai roshni se jaise bhara - 2
Har dil main armaan hote to hain - 2
bas koi samjhe jara - 2

(Dil pe ek naya sa nasha cha gaya
kho raha tha jo khwaab vo laut aa gaya) - 2
(Yeh jo ehsaas hai jo karaar hai
kya issi ka hi naam pyaar hai) - 2
pootche dil thumke jara
Tinka Tinka jara jara
hai roshni se jaise bhara
Har dil main armaan hote to hai - 2
bas koi samjhe jara
Tinka Tinka Tinka Tinka
the song moves like a drilling machine makes a hole . the voice ,the pace ,the rytm of the music all making path to heart. the words are subtle and briliant. Alisha chinoi is at her best. Her stressing at second zara in zara zara makes it impactful. i am deliberately putting photo of priyanka chopra as she has made this song something immortal ,she is baring her back but it doesn`t look vulgar at all, her simple hand movements and face expressions are magical. this song is incomplete without video . even john`s presence is blending some unsaid emotions to the song. specially the way he looks towards priyanka after puffing cigarette . whoever has choreographed the song has sense of serenity and the one of the best thing in song is internal decoration, the lady with mike, the man with trumpet all placed well , priyanka`s mike with butterfly is unique. some appreciation also goes to two butterfly dancers having marvelous synchronization at distance another back barring lady at piano also adds glamour to the song. the window , the curtains , the lighting is fantastic, i feel the interior decorator needs special praise.
it is i rare in bollywood to see such a song with slow and significant motions.
koi samjhey tou zara!!!

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